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For any licensed Cosmetologist or Cosmetology student who wants to learn and better understand how to service curly clients (tight and loose curls). Please keep in mind that this is an intimate class setting. There will only be 6 slots available for this workshop.

Small Group

Workshop details

Class Date: Coming soon 


-Look & Learn

-"Curls & Conversations" lunch will be provided 

Total Investment



Demonstrations will be performed on a tight curl model and a loose curl model.

The workshop will cover:

  • How To Give In-Depth Consultations

  • How to Properly Assess The Client's Hair

  • Wash n Go in real time for both models 

  • Understanding the Product Spectrum

  • Proper Shampoo Technique, Conditioning, Detangling,

  • Applying Styling Products & Styling Techniques

  • Drying & Finishing Touches

  • How To Capture Your Curls On Camera

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