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The Story Behind The Brand

Curl Bar

The Curl Bar is a salon experience like no other. You will never have to worry or wonder again if
someone has experience with your hair type. At this safe and judgement free curl space, all
textures are welcomed and celebrated!

We specialize in providing dry curly cuts that cater to your hair and lifestyle while also
maximizing hair hydration. Using nothing but the best quality products, you will leave feeling
empowered, educated, and ready to continue your natural hair journey outside of the salon.


Hi! I am Toriah Mimms the owner of The Curl Bar. My love for hair began with learning to accept, embrace, and love my own! 

From a young age, I got relaxers until I was old enough to start caring for my own hair. After years of learning to take care of my own hair and helping others along the way, I decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in cosmetology school. 


Years later, I am now a Deva curl certified stylist, Cut it Kinky Alumna, and Rezo Cut certified. I pride myself on being the best and always continuing my education.


I am so excited to now be on the other side of the chair, helping clients through the journey that I was once on myself! 


Hi I'm Taylor and I love being part of The Curl Bar team as a Curl Specialist and future Colorist!


My passion for curly hair started within myself and learning about my own hair. Growing up I never felt there was a place that made me feel comfortable and confident in their abilities to do and understand my hair, eventually, I took matters into my own hands.


Along the way, I discovered my love for hair color and that passion has driven me to bring the two worlds of color and curls together. I believe any texture of hair can have color if done the proper way. I’ve made it my mission at The Curl Bar and in this world to make a difference and teach naturals to not only embrace their curls but also their creativity as well. 


Healthy Curls

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