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Read Before Booking

Before Your Appointment

Prepare Your Hair

If receiving any type of Curl Bar Cut your hair must be down, detangled, completely dry and in a styled wash and go no more than two days old. Please wash, condition + thoroughly  detangle your hair and style as normal with your usual styling product you use for wash & go's and let it dry completely . (air dry, diffuse or sit under a hooded dryer.) This allows us to see your natural curl pattern and helps us take into account each curl's shrink factor when completing the dry Curl Bar Cut.

  • Please avoid the use of heavy butters and oils 

  • Please do not come with your hair in a bun, ponytail, twist out, braids, etc.

  • Avoid putting it up after you style it for your appointment. It can and will negatively impact the cut due to the curls being stretched out.

  • If hair is not properly prepped it could affect your appointment  

  • If hair is not properly detangled it will result in an additional fee if detangling process exceeds 20 minutes.( 20 minutes or less is typically how long it will take your trained stylist, to thoroughly detangle even with high density hair) The detangling fee will be $10 per every ten minutes. 

*Due to the colder months please refrain from wearing bulky clothing that has hoods. This can effect your hair when it comes to cutting and styling, (also we do not want to get you hood wet) If wearing a hoodie to your appointment  please just make sure to have a shirt underneath to be worn during the time of your service. 

*If Receiving a Curl Bar Wash & Go Service it is still strongly encouraged to still come with a fresh wash and go to accurately assess your hair, see your concerns , see how your hair looks when you style it yourself, and to avoid the detangling fee. 


Appointment Policy

All appointments must be booked online, we do not take walk-ins. When booking an appointment a credit card must be placed on file and a 50% non refundable and non transferable deposit is required to secure all appointments. This will be deducted from your total service amount.

Cancellation Policy
If you do not cancel your appointment within 48 hours before your scheduled appointment you will be charged the remainder of the full service amount. To cancel an appointment please either use the link in your confirmation email you received when you booked the appointment or you can email to cancel. We are closed Saturday evening -Tuesday. Cancelling online or emailing is always the preferred communication method to ensure we get your message on time.  Please note all deposits are non refundable and non transferable. 

Reschedule Policy

The best way to try and reschedule is by using the confirmation link you received via email when you booked the appointment. Once there, it will redirect you to the website and give you any future dates that are available. Please keep in mind appointments tend to book up in advance and we may not have any other openings available to reschedule you to, so if no future dates show up that means we are fully booked for that month. Also please note we do NOT reschedule outside of the month that is currently open. / the month your appointment is in.  If nothing is available for that month we will not be able to reschedule you to a different month. 

Weather Policy

Due to Massachusetts brutal winters, we do understand that potential winter storms can affect scheduled appointments. If there is a weather advisory and you have an appointment we will contact you to give you a heads up a few days before to see if you are comfortable and able to keep the appointment. If not, we will try our best to get you rescheduled and or refund your deposit amount.


No-Show Appointments
If you “no call no show” to an appointment you will be charged the full service amount ( 100%) and be required to pre-pay for your next appointment. 


Late Arrivals
There is a 15 min grace period. If you arrive after the 15 minutes you risk your appointment having to be cancelled. If your appointment has to be cancelled you will be charged the full service amount. 

Pricing Policies

Appointment prices are as stated on the website. In some instances, the price will be adjusted based on improper preparation for your appointment. For instance, if hair is not properly detangled it will result in an additional fee of $10 per every ten minutes of detangling that exceeds 20 minutes. (20 minutes or less is typically how long it will take your trained stylist to thoroughly  detangle even with high density hair).


Due to the intimate salon atmosphere we ask kindly that you do not bring any additional guests to your service . This includes significant others, children and friends. 

COVID Protocols

Although we miss seeing your beautiful faces, masks covering the nose and mouth are still required at The Curl Bar. 

  •  Masks covering the nose and mouth are required on at ALL times when entering the salon. * Scarves and bandanas don't count.

  • No additional guests are allowed.

  • Clients are asked not to bring in any outside food or drink.

  • No extra bags/ coats etc to help prevent the spread of germs.

What We Will Be Doing

  • Practicing social distancing guidelines and allowing no more than 3 clients in at a time.

  • Sanitizing every client's hands upon arrival

  • Wiping down all surfaces and equipment after every encounter with medical grade disinfectant and alcohol.

  • Styling tools are cleaned and disinfected before and after EACH appointment.


Healthy Curls

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